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Avocado Toast

Welcome to Food Fighters! I’m Rhys and I'm in grade 8. I love to play hockey, ski and I love to bake! 

I have always loved baking and making people happy through food. 

My good friend Malcolm and I have always shared a love for food ever since we were babies. From creating greasy bacon sandwiches at our home restaurant to a schnitzel dinner for our families, there is no shortage of experimenting together. 

I enjoy trying new recipes and even though they don't always work, I've mastered this NYC pizza dough.  You can't go wrong with bread, cheese, and tomato sauce! Although I've never been to NYC, I'm bringing NYC to you.





Fresh NYC Style Pizza Dough

Each bag makes two 14" pizzas

$10 per bag

To be COVID safe, please eTransfer:





  1. Take dough out of the fridge an hour prior to baking

  2. Preheat your oven with a pizza stone/steel to the HOTTEST temperature possible for at least 20 minutes

  3. Put some flour on the dough so that it isn't sticky and stretch out the dough onto parchment paper

  4. Top with your favourite toppings

  5. Carefully transfer parchment paper with pizza onto pizza stone

  6. Cook for 5-7 minutes - it’s fast, so keep a close eye on it!

  7. If you're not ready to eat it on delivery day, it freezes well for later use! 




Our food shelters are heavily impacted by COVID and need our help now more than ever. Together, we can help make sure the shelters have enough food. Every $1 donated provides $5 worth of food to those in need. The Ottawa Food Bank provides essential items such as canned beans, fish, and pasta.

Food Fighters is committed to donating 50% of proceeds to the Ottawa Food Bank. 

Together we are so much stronger.


Rhys Order

YUM! Order now.

How many dough bags would you like?

Thank you for your order, we'll be in touch soon!

To be COVID safe, please eTransfer to:

$10/bag. Each bag makes TWO medium pizzas.

Happy to deliver within Playfair Park, Guildwood Estates, Elmvale Acres and Faircrest Heights or pick up at Devlin/Delmar.

We will notify you of your delivery day when we receive your order.  Please note they are made to order. For maximum flavour, the dough goes through a slow fermentation for 3 days. 

Thank you so much for your support!

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