Avocado Toast

Welcome to FoodFighters! I’m Malcolm, I’m in middle school and I love skiing, music, and everything about food.


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved all kinds of food! My parents tell me that I was always swiping (yes, like the fox) food from the kids (sorry Logan) beside me during snack time at daycare.


A couple of summers ago, I was lucky enough to go to NYC and eat the most amazing pizza I've ever tasted!! All of the pizza we had there was delicious, but my favourite was the .99c cheese slice.  So for my first Food Fighters challenge,  I went on a mission to recreate NYC pizza dough to share with you so that you can taste your own slice of New York.





Fresh NYC Style Pizza Dough

Each bag makes two 14" pizzas

$10 per bag

To be COVID safe, please eTransfer: foodfighters20@gmail.com





  1. Take dough out of the fridge an hour prior to baking

  2. Preheat your oven with a pizza stone/steel to the HOTTEST temperature possible for at least 20 minutes

  3. Put some flour on the dough so that it isn't sticky and stretch out the dough onto parchment paper

  4. Top with your favourite toppings

  5. Carefully transfer parchment paper with pizza onto pizza stone

  6. Cook for 5-7 minutes - it’s fast, so keep a close eye on it!




Our food shelters are heavily impacted by COVID and need our help now more than ever. Together, we can help make sure the shelters have enough food. For every $15 donated to the shelter, a family in need is provided with an emergency food hamper containing essential items such as canned beans, fish, and pasta. 


FoodFighters is committed to donating 50% of proceeds to North York Food Harvest.